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Just how to expand the 12V DC power cable of the CCTV safety video camera?

We are a professional cord manufacturers,our cordless IP cam features a power cord, which is split into 3 meters and also 5 meters according to the type of cam. Typically, it can meet the use of many scenes, yet sometimes where it is inconvenient to provide power nearby; if you want to mount the place is much from the power supply location, and the original power cable is not long enough, what should I do? The initial power supply will have a certain voltage redundancy. On this basis, we can utilize the DC power expansion cable to expand the power supply range.


What is a DC power expansion wire?

A DC power expansion cord is an electrical wire that connects a DC device as well as a DC source of power. It is a wire that transfers power; the way of transmission is the point-to-point transmission. DC power extension cable is likewise called a DC power expansion cable.


DC power extension wire applications

The DC power expansion cable television is generally utilized to supply power in low-voltage, low-current applications such as CCTV Cameras, routers, projectors, monitors, LED lamps, photovoltaic panels, Notebooks, etc. They are optimal for a scenario where the power cable is too brief for issues.


DC power extension cable television application for CCTV camera


DC power extension cable application for routers


DC power extension cable television application for projectors


Exactly how to pick the suitable DC power extension cable?

When selecting a DC expansion wire, we require to focus on the adhering to factors:

1.Power-user interface size

The original power supply adopts a conventional DC5.5 mm * 2.1 mm man adapter. The adapter of the power adapter cable requires to be a DC5.5 mm * 2.1 mm women’s adapter on one side and a DC5.5 mm * 2.1 mm male connector beyond to make sure that it can be matched typically.


Keep in mind: A couple of brand cam power cord is 5 meters long, and also, the adapter is a Mini interface, not a 2.1 mm.

2.The product of the wire

The original power supply is constructed from pure oxygen-free copper material, with reduced resistance and reduced loss; if an external adapter wire is connected, added loss and voltage decline will happen. If the voltage drop is expensive, there will want power, as well as the video camera, will not have the ability to provide power usually.


Consequently, choosing a material with a smaller electrical cable resistance is required. The resistance worth (voltage decline) representing our typical cord is as follows:

The material of the wire

wdt_ID Power Cable Material 100m Resistance (Ω)
1 diameter 1mm copper wire 3,10
2 diameter 1mm copper clad aluminum 5,60
3 diameter 0.5mm copper clad aluminum 19,10
4 diameter 0.5mm copper clad silver 12,00
5 diameter 0.5mm copper wire 8,40
6 diameter<0.4mm copper clad aluminum 46,00
7 diameter<0.4mm copper clad metal 144,00
8 diameter 1mm copper clad aluminum 5,60
9 diameter 0.52mm copper wire 8,30
Power Cable Material 100m Resistance (Ω)

Therefore, we generally advise utilizing 0.5 mm oxygen-free copper or far better cable to lower line loss as high as possible.

3.Size of cord

The original power supply wire is generally three meters/5 meters in size, and also the common DC power expansion cable televisions are 1/3/5/ 10 meters in length. You can pick extension cables of various lengths for power supply according to the demands of the actual scene.

( 1) Usual wire examination

We make use of 0.5 mm oxygen-free copper expansion cords of various sizes for screening, and also the test results are as complies with:

Common wire test

wdt_ID Original Power Cord Cable Length Total Length Power
1 9V 0.6A (3m) 1m 4m Y
2 3m 6m Y
3 5m 8m Y
4 10m 13m Y
Original Power Cord Cable Length Total Length Power

According to the actual dimension, the mainstream DC extension wires on the marketplace can be used with our original power adapter to supply power to the cam to extend the power supply cable.

( 2) Maximum prolonged distance test

We make use of a 20 meters 0.5 sq.mm2 oxygen-free copper expansion cable with the original power supply to power the cam, and the camera can generally function during the day and also at night.


Where to purchase CCTV security camera DC power expansion wire?

We wish this CCTV Video camera DC power expansion cable television buyer’s guide provides every little thing you require to know about the DC extension cable you require. Our objective in supplying these details was simple: Whether it’s a DC power expansion cable that you require, an electrical cable, or a power adapter wire that you’re seeking– this info ought to assist you.

It’s now time for you to resource the ideal DC power expansion cord for your application. However, before you ask yourself: Where is the very best area to get a DC power extension cable television near me– and also rush to place an order, think about the following:

That the DC power expansion cable setting up supplier as well as the supplier?

Are they experienced?

Have they been in the DC power cable business long?

Do they have the knowledge and also knowledge to produce high-grade items?

Below at DelightFire, we have large experience manufacturing and supplying a few of the most effective DC power lines in the market. Our well-respected production process and incredibly thorough quality assurance criteria ensure our items are of the best offered on the marketplace.

Obviously, when you’re looking to purchase the best DC power cable in business, one aspect always matters Rates! At DelightFire, we’ve made it a point to make top quality as well as professionalism and trust a trademark of our business. Many of our other peers and also rivals in the DC power line market, weblink reduced prices to more affordable quality. But we are different. You’ll find worth for cash when you buy or custom-made your DC power line from us.



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