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Schuko CEE7/7 Plug to C13 International Power Cord 10A/250V

European Schuko power cords produced by DCpowercord meet European quality standards and comply with current RoHS and REACH requirements.

It can be used with servers, CPUs, and other standard C13 power connector devices.

  • 0.75.0mm²
  • CEE 7/7 Schuko plug
  • IEC320 C13
  • 1.8 Meter / 6 Feet
  • Demko / VDE / CE / LCIE / EAC certificate
  • The cable length, color, and type can be customized, please freely contact us ask for the price and minimum order quantity!
  • Free samples support
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European Schuko Power Cords - International Power Cables

This molded European schuko power cord is compatible with European and Russian plugs. It can be used with servers, CPUs, and other standard C13 power connector devices. It is made with high quality material and tested for dielectric voltage-withstand, polarization, and continuity to assure reliability and long-lasting performance. The power cord is manufactured in compliance with CEE 7/7 standards and is VDE certified. All international power cables hold the International Color Code (ICC) on brown, blue, and green inner conductors with a yellow stripe.

Specifications of C13 to Schuko European Computer Power Cord

Male Plug : CEE 7/7 Schuko plug

Female Connector : IEC320 C13

Voltage : 250 V

Amperage : 10 A

Cable Length : 1.8 Meter / 6 Feet

Conductor Size : 1.0mm²

Conductor Count : 3 wires

Conductor Color Code : Blue, Brown, Yellow/Green | International Color Code (ICC)

Outside Diameter : 6.8-7.2mm

Cable Jacket : H05VV

Jacket Material : PVC

Jacket Temperature Rating : 70° C

Color : Black

Testing : Each cord is tested for dielectric voltage-withstand (Hi-Pot), polarization and continuity.


European Schuko Power Cords & Cables Applications










Game console

What type is Schuko plug?

Plug F is known as CEE 7/7 and commonly called “Schuko plug”, which is the acronym of “Schutzkontakt”, a German word meaning “protection contact” or “safety contact”. The Schuko plug was designed in Germany shortly after the First World War.

Type F plugs are fully compatible with type E sockets. This was not the case in the past, but fortunately common sense prevailed. A hybrid E/F plug (officially called CEE 7/7) was developed in order to bridge the differences between E and F sockets. This plug, which is basically the earthed universal Continental European standard, has earthing clips on both sides to mate with the type F socket and a female contact to accept the earth pin of the type E socket.

European Schuko Power Cords drawing

C13 to Schuko Europe Power Cord Features

This Schuko to C13 European computer power cord is designed for small data centers or office workstation applications without a heavy-gauge connection. The European Schuko power cords can be used to connect a computer, server, or drive to a Schuko wall outlet, UPS system, or PDU or replace or upgrade a worn-out or lost power cable. The 6-ft. (1.83 m) length allows you to place equipment for the power outlet.

Why Choose DCpowercord?

Are you in the midst of a new European Schuko power cord product development project and approaching your project deadline? DCpowercord is a power cord manufacturer, let us partner with you to tackle your complex power lines specifications and agency approvals.

We strive to extend your team throughout your custom European Schuko power cord project and anticipate connectivity concerns before they become an issue.

Customized Service

As a professional European Schuko power cord manufacturer and supplier from China, we can customize all types of extension cords as your and your company’s requirement.

Power Cords Notes:

European Schuko Type F power cords are black as the standard color. European Schuko power cords in white or gray are special order. Custom length and shielded European Schuko AC power cables available. Terminated, custom stripping, hanked European Schuko cords available.

Cable: cable length, color, gauge wire

Connector: IEC power connector, terminals

Package: logo, label, package box

Schuko CEE7/7 Plug to C13 International Power Cord Technical Date

pdf 01-2210B 22AWG DC power extension cable × dcc0036 1 22/2 3A
pdf 01-2010B 20AWG DC power extension cable × dcc0036 1 20/2 5A
pdf 01-1810B 18AWG DC power extension cable × dcc0036 1 18/2 8A