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is us voltage 110 or 220?

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The voltage in the United States is 110v.
Voltage and frequency of common countries.
One 、Australia’s voltage is 240V and frequency is 50HZ.
Two 、Belgium’s voltage is 230V and frequency is 50HZ.
3, Brazil’s voltage is 110V and 220V; the frequency is 60HZ.
Four 、Canada’s voltage is 120V; frequency is 60HZ.
5, Chile’s voltage is 220V; the frequency is 50HZ.
6, Egypt’s voltage is 220V; the frequency is 60HZ.
7, France’s voltage is 230V; the frequency is 50HZ.

is us voltage 110 or 220
is us voltage 110 or 220

In modern society, electricity is a very important source of energy for human beings. Nowadays, the normal operation of people’s lives is inseparable from the support of electricity; if a power outage, people’s work, study, and daily life will be seriously affected. This is because a variety of electrical appliances have occupied all of the people’s lives; once there is no electricity, they become a pile of scrap metal.

When it comes to electricity, then the national grid comes to mind. In all countries, people’s daily life is provided by the national grid, but there is one very interesting point. As we all know, the voltage used in the Chinese grid is 220 volts, while the voltage used in the United States is 110 volts. So what exactly is the reason for the gap between China and the United States in this area?(is us voltage 110 or 220)

In fact, China is not the only voltage 220 volts; many Western countries also use the voltage is basically between 220 and 230 volts. For the reasons that lead to the existence of this difference between the United States and China, many people have speculated, basically can be categorized as two. One of the speculative reasons is technology, and another speculative reason is that 110 volts may be safer than 22 volts.

But through in-depth understanding, you can know that both reasons are wrong. First, although the low voltage is compared to high voltage, the time required to produce harm to the human body is longer. But the difference between the 110 volts and 220 volts required for that time is very small, basically negligible, and they are very large damage to the human body.(is us voltage 110 or 220)

is us voltage 110 or 220?

This is because, according to national standards, the human body’s safe voltage is below 36 volts, and in the wet state, this value is even lower. Therefore, if analyzed from the perspective of safety, 110 volts and 220 volts are not any different. China will choose 220 volts because of economic considerations.
In fact, when the current starts from the power station, passes through the wire, and is transmitted to thousands of homes, the current is lost due to the resistance of the wire, and the wire is also lost in the process. Experiments have shown that when the AC circuit is 220 volts, the loss of current and wire is relatively small.(is us voltage 110 or 220)

Therefore, it is economic reasons that have led most countries in the world to choose 220 volts. So why the United States did not choose 220 volts but chose 110 volts? Actually, this is a historical legacy. The United States was the first country in the world to use electric lights; when the use of direct current and the voltage at 110 volts, electric lights are the most stable operation.

Since then, the United States has adopted the residential electricity program in which the specified voltage is 110 volts; although the use of AC power, this voltage standard has not changed. If the United States changes the voltage, then it will be a huge project. Therefore, the United States has to continue to use this voltage standard.(is us voltage 110 or 220)

Extended information

Voltage is what drives the directional movement of electric charge to form an electric current. Electricity can flow in a wire because there is a difference between high potential and low potential in the current. This difference is called the potential difference, also called voltage, in other words. The potential difference between any two points in a circuit is called the voltage at those two points. The letter V is usually used to represent voltage.

Voltage can be divided into high voltage, low voltage, and safety voltage. The difference between high and low voltage is: based on the value of the voltage to the ground of electrical equipment. The voltage to the ground is higher than or equal to 1000 volts for high voltage. The voltage to the ground is less than 1000 volts for low voltage.(is us voltage 110 or 220)

The safety voltage refers to the human body for a longer period of time without the risk of electric shock voltage. According to the national standard “GB3805-83,” safety voltage to prevent electric shock accidents and the use of a specific power supply voltage series. China’s industrial frequency safety voltage provides the following five levels, namely 42V, 36V, 24V, 12V, and 6V.

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