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UK Plug Computer Power Cord, C13 to BS1363 13A/250V

UK plug computer power cord produced by DCpowercord meet England quality standards and comply with current RoHS and REACH requirements.

It can be used with servers, CPUs, and other standard C13 power connector devices.

  • 0.75 mm²
  • BS1363 Type G plug
  • IEC320 C13
  • 1.8 Meter / 6 Feet
  • Environmental Certifications: RoHS, REACH
  • The cable length, color, and type can be customized, please freely contact us ask for the price and minimum order quantity!
  • Free samples support
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UK IEC Power Cord with C13 to BS 1363 Connection for Powering Network Devices

This BS 1363 power cord is designed for blade server chassis, switches, routers, PDUs, UPS systems, and other network devices. It features a BS 1363 UK plug connecting to a wall outlet and a C13 plug for connecting to a device. The 6-ft. (1.8 m) length allows you great flexibility in placing equipment to the power outlet.

Specifications of UK Computer Power Cord

Male Plug : BS1363 UK plug

Female Connector : IEC320 C13

Voltage : 250 V

Amperage : 13 A

Cable Length : 1.8 Meter / 6 Feet

Conductor Size : 0.75mm²

Conductor Count : 3 wires

Conductor Color Code : Blue, Brown, Yellow/Green | International Color Code (ICC)

Outside Diameter : 6.8-7.2mm

Cable Jacket : H05VV

Jacket Material : PVC

Jacket Temperature Rating : 70° C

Color : Black

Testing : Each cord is tested for dielectric voltage-withstand (Hi-Pot), polarization and continuity.

Certification(s) : CE, BSI

UK Plug Computer Power Cord & Cable Applications










Game console

BS1363 to C13 UK Power Cord Technical Date

What is a Type G UK plug?

This 13 amp Type G plug has three rectangular prongs that form an isosceles triangle. The central earth pin is 4 by 8 mm and 22.7 mm long, and line and neutral pins are 4 by 6.35 mm and 17.7 mm long, on centers 22.2 mm apart. The center-to-center distance between the earth pin and the middle of the imaginary line connecting the two power pins is 22.2 mm. The 9-mm long insulated sleeves prevent accidental contact with a bare connector while partially inserting the power plug.

Type G Plug and Socket (Outlet)

UK Computer Power Cord Features

Plug standard United Kingdom Power Cords 3 Amp BS 1363A, 250 Volt AC, 2 poles 3 wire non-grounding Type G Plug, Connector Standards IEC 60320 C13, C13 right angle, C13 left angle, IEC C13 custom made waterproof.

UK power cord IEC C13 is black and white as the standard color. Gray and custom colors are available. Custom length and shielded United Kingdom cord sets AC power cables available. We produce UK types of mains leads, UK mains cords, mains cables, line cords and mains power lead, OEM UK power cords with IEC connectors.

UK Molded plug power cord

Why Choose DCpowercord?

Are you in the midst of a new UK power cords product development project and approaching your project deadline? DCpowercord is a power cord manufacturer, let us partner with you to tackle your complex power lines specifications and agency approvals.

We strive to extend your team throughout your custom UK plug computer power cord project and anticipate connectivity concerns before they become an issue.

Power cords package

Customized Service

As a professional UK plug computer power cord manufacturer and supplier from China, we can customize all types of UK power cords as your and your company’s requirement.

Cable: cable length, color, gauge wire

Connector: IEC power connector, terminals

Package: logo, label, package box

BS1363 to C13 UK Power Cord Technical Date

pdf 01-2210B 22AWG DC power extension cable × dcc0036 1 22/2 3A
pdf 01-2010B 20AWG DC power extension cable × dcc0036 1 20/2 5A
pdf 01-1810B 18AWG DC power extension cable × dcc0036 1 18/2 8A